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Moth & Myth Holographic Sticker Pack - Wanderer

Moth & Myth Holographic Sticker Pack - Wanderer

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This set includes two of each style of die-cut Wanderer Butterfly, Himalayan Constable, and Mother-of-Pearl Butterfly, for six total stickers in the set. The stickers are holographic and will pick up different colors depending on the light and may appear different than in the photos. Resin safe.

This set includes:

  • 2x Wanderer Butterfly (Pareronia valeria)
  • 2x Himalayan Constable (Dichorragia nesimachus nesimachus)
  • 2x Mother-of-Pearl Butterfly (Protogoniomorpha parhassus

    Abouth Moth & Myth

    Founded in 2015 in Seattle, Moth & Myth produce stunningly beautiful replicas of butterflies, moths and much, much more.

    Their vegan and cruelty free creations provide an eco-friendly alternative to their live counterparts.

    Their products are perfect for gifts or countless craft projects and we're very honoured to bring their work across the pond.

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