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Wire Wrapped Cabochons (Large)

Wire Wrapped Cabochons (Large)

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 Each Cabochon is beautifully hand-poured in a unique resin blend, and finished with a distinct wire wrap design.

 Mounted on a chocolate brown twisted satin cord with adjustable length knots, colour and inclusion combinations vary, making each one a singular work of art.

Our large Cabochons average around 5-6cm making them a perfect statement piece to add to your ensemble.

Currently Available:

Teal & Purple Oval - An ombre mix of green and purple, filled with glitter.

Gold Foil Frame - Transparent resin filled with gold foil and glitter, framed with silver plated copper wire.

Gold Foil Swoop - Transparent resin filled with gold foil and glitter, wrapped in swooping, intertwining silver plated copper wire.


Product Care

While no resin is entirely eco friendly, our hand poured items are produced with plant based resin.

Resin items can be cleaned carefully with gentle soap and a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive or chemical cleaners as it will damage the surface.

The resin used in producing our items is not food safe. While brief contact is harmless, all resin off-gasses over time. This is perfectly normal and safe in most contexts but we do not recommend long term exposure to food items.

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